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What Can Hamsters Play With?

To begin with, it is important to realize that your dwarf hamster is a curious fellow and need toys for the stimulation. Providing the hamster toys is one of the most important parts of being a good hamster owner and very important reason to provide your hamster with the toys to gnaw on so that… Read More »

Do Bearded Dragons Need Substrate?

What is a substrate and do bearded dragons need a substrate? The answer to this particular question is very simple, Yes! At most time, Bearded dragons do need substrate for a healthy living. So, what exactly is a substrate? A substrate can be referred to any covering or layer on the floor of the enclosure… Read More »

How Often Should a Guinea Pig Cage Be Cleaned?

Many of the pet lovers wish to grow a guinea pig in their home because of their cute nature. These guinea pigs are also known as Cavia Porcellus. One should give special caring and attention to guinea pigs because they are the most sensitive rodents. You must have a great privilege that includes the commitment… Read More »