How Often Should a Guinea Pig Cage Be Cleaned?

How often should a guinea pig cage be cleaned?

Many of the pet lovers wish to grow a guinea pig in their home because of their cute nature. These guinea pigs are also known as Cavia Porcellus. One should give special caring and attention to guinea pigs because they are the most sensitive rodents. You must have a great privilege that includes the commitment and the contribution of your own time and effort. When you own a guinea pig, you are not only responsible to feed it but also you are even much and more responsible to pay the positive attention towards them. You must make sure that they live in the most hygienic place and in cleaner ambiance. Guinea pigs tend to be more comfortable being in a neat and clean place. As the guinea pig owner, you should be more careful in choosing the right place for their survival.

Regular Cleaning Sessions

No matter whatever happens and how much you are busy, make sure that you clean the guinea pig’s enclosure at least once in a week. Guinea pigs possess the characteristic feature of being highly socialistic, so many of the pet owners tend to keep all of them in the same cage. If you do so, then you have to clean the cage more often and keep it neat and tidy. One of the main characteristic features that the guinea pig has held is tidiness. We can also state that these creatures are innately tidy ones and they are prone to be frustrated and to be stressed out once they find themselves holding in the centre of the grubby and dirty surroundings. You can keep your pet happy and relaxed, if you clean their cage regularly and also avoid being lazy.

Thorough Cleaning Process

Thorough Cleaning Process

When you wash your guinea pigs’ enclosure, you can use hot water that is mixed in with biodegradable cleanser or soap. You can also use a mild disinfectant of one portion of white vinegar and three portion H20. You should not keep your guinea pigs in the cage when you clean. Before cleaning, put them in a protected temporary environment, like a transport carrier, with sufficient ventilation. Gently wash the cage with the water mixture. Clean everything properly right from the ground portion of the cage to the wire portion. When you are done completely, you should carefully clean the whole cage. Then tap it downwards so it is not damp anymore. You should not allow your guinea pigs when the enclosure is in a wet condition or even in the slight moist conditions.

Maintaining Cage on a daily basis

An extensive amount of good cleaning of cage weekly is important for guinea pigs’ health, and everyday subsistence. If your guinea pig’s bedding portion is dirty with any hints of urine or feces matter, you should take it out and buy a new brand bedding instantly. Additionally, clean all of your guinea pig’s food containers every day. Clean their meal dishes including water bottles by using lukewarm water mixed with biodegradable soap.

Unpleasant odors

If you do not want to make your guinea pigs agitated and fatigued, then you should take them out of their enclosures daily for general cleaning parts, you need to make sure that they are nevermore in dirty ambiance. If a foul odor arises from your guinea pig’s cage, then it would be probably a warning that a cleansing session is delayed. You should refresh their bedding regularly in order to prevent bad odors.

Cleaning measures

Cleaning measures

Do not simply use anything to cleanse your guinea pigs’ enclosure. Several general household products could really be dangerous to guinea pigs. Avoid using any kind of products that contain phenolics in it because these mixtures are toxic to guinea pigs and therefore you should not use to clean the enclosure using those substances at any cause. You should also avoid using any products that consist of aggressive chemicals. It is also better to consult a veterinarian regarding the substance to be used to clean your guinea pigs’ enclosure. You can also visit the most useful website, to clear all your doubts about any kinds of pet animals that you possess. The experts will provide you with tips and guidance when it comes to the terms of pets.