Cat Wisdom 101 Review

From Cat Wisdom 101


More cats are being leash-trained as a safer option to exploring the outdoors but they require a safe harness. At a recent pet product event in New York, I discovered the perfect solution for walking dogs or cats from Central Park Pups. The young, New York-based company is a labor of love by owner Karine who has designed The Hidden Harness an all-in-one coat, harness and collar with moisture repellent fleece and built-in nano tech features like UV protection, anti-microbial and mosquito repellent.

When I leash trained Odin, I could never find a harness he couldn’t wriggle out of like Houdini. Cords and leads would tangle making it a headache getting him in and out. The Hidden Harness is a step-in harness with an easy to adjust Velcro closure resulting in no neck strain. I got Odin into the harness and out the door in 10 seconds. Beautifully crafted, strong, comfortable and attractive, the Hidden Harness is genius!

Taking your cat or dog for a walk will be a walk in the park. Dogs are used to enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of nature but cats love sniffing bushes, rolling in leaves, digging and scratching too! Odin rarely uses a scratching post because he prefers nature’s own, a tree.

The matching leash (sold separately) is super strong, the cushioned handle is comfortable to hold. The cute “pooch pouch” holds ID, keys, treats, money and poop bag means you can be hands-free for your walk. Visit Central Park Pups for up close details, sizing chart and video. The medium fit Odin but he has a very, long torso.