About Central Park Pups

The story of Central Park Pups…..

Central Park Pups

It all started on a cold January day in New York City when the founder, Karine Ng, looked at her beloved fur-baby, Chewie, and wondered what he wanted, what would make his life easier, and what would make him happy!  Chewie looked up with his big round eyes at his mama, happily wagging his tail, and Karine just knew that he wanted to go outside to play, but being a Shih-Tzu, he was impatient, and didn’t want to wait to be bundled up with a harness, a coat for the cold weather, and a collar just for his ID tags, all items necessary for his safety when going outside.  Chewie also did not like anything put through his head or anything that might cause any neck strain.  Although it wasn’t as important to Chewie, Karine wanted him to be fashionable & chic, just like her!  That’s when a lightbulb went off, and Karine realized that a dog clothing with a built in harness, would make both pup & parent happy, simplifying the process gearing up to go out.  She couldn’t find this product anywhere, and that’s when her entreprenurial spirit kicked in, and with the creation of the Hidden Harness,  Central Park Pups was born!  Combined with her passion for dogs, the city style as inspiration, Karine set out to design innovative and stylish products to reflect the needs of busy, chic, pampered pooches!

About the Paw-Prietor…..

Karine’s love for her Shih Tzu, Chewie, inspired her to channel her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to launch Central Park Pups. With her varied and successful background in Retail, Fashion, Real Estate, and Marketing, Karine aims to bring innovative pet products to fellow dog-lovers. Karine has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree from Parsons School of Design and a Pet Product Design & Marketing certificate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Originally from the Bay Area, California, Karine previously resided in New York City, where she has been surrounded by the classic architecture and contemporary fashion that serves as her inspiration.  Just recently Karine and Chewie have relocated to the Southwest, Viva Las Vegas! Her passion and enthusiasm propel her to create both fashionable and functional designs to enhance the lives of her four legged best friends.