What Can Hamsters Play With?

What Can Hamsters Play With?

To begin with, it is important to realize that your dwarf hamster is a curious fellow and need toys for the stimulation. Providing the hamster toys is one of the most important parts of being a good hamster owner and very important reason to provide your hamster with the toys to gnaw on so that the hamster can keep its teeth trimmed. You can certainly buy the hamster toys at your local pet store, but these hamster toys are just as easy one to handle and it provides you lots of fun. The hamster toys can be made out of three primary materials such as like plastic, wood and cardboard case in which the hamster toy is an easiest and simplest toy that comes from your house hold refuse.

You can make your hamster toys can be made out of the toilet paper rolls, empty rolls and paper towel rolls from wrapping out these papers you can make the great hamster tunnel toys. The wooden toys can be of complex or simple one in which they  can be of simple as getting a few branches from the fruit tree and putting them inside your hamster cage that is leaned against the sides of the thick enough and then your hamster may try to climb up them. There are number of online sites are available where you can read more hamster climbing toys here and create your own hamster toy with your own creativity.

You can create your own hamster toys that will appreciate the stimulations and you can decorate your hamster toy with little bit of creativity, pair of the scissors and perhaps you can household the drill to make your hamster toy as a best and unique toy.

Brief overview about the hamster chews toys

What Can Hamsters Play With?

Generally we all know that the hamsters needs a variety of different toys for leading a truly full life, these kind of hamster toy items are crucial one for couple of reasons in which the most obvious one is entertainment and don’t buy cheap products and it will affect the hamster health. One item that keeps your little pet animals healthy is the hamster chew toy, because it is very much necessary for the wellness of the pet gums and teeth. There are also some of the things that you need to consider when deciding the hamster chew toy for your pet animal.

  • Most of the people believe that these hamster toys should be made out of either cardboard or wood material because these two materials have strong case.
  • If you want go with the hamster wood product then there are couples of things which you should be aware of in which most of the hamster woods are fine to chew but some of the hamsters are found to be of difficult one.
  • One thing that you should definitely avoid is wood covered hamsters because these are found to be covered in the toxic or plastic materials, if you have any doubt about the quality of the wood that you are using then just give the hamster to your pet with just few minutes of time for playing.

If you are willing to spend a bit of money on your pet then there is another option for you in which you can buy the rabbits like chew toys as well some kinds of other chew products can be used with the hamsters toy.

About dwarf hamster toys

What Can Hamsters Play With?

The dwarf hamster are busy and curious tiny beings and a toy would be a high expensive and worthwhile asset for your pets overall life. The hamster toys would stimulate and enrich life of your pets just by learning to investigate and play with the hamster toys. The dwarf hamster need lots of exercises and one of the best hamster toys for this is that a running wheel where the wheel should have a solid floor and I don’t recommend the wire running wheel for your hamster toys. These can be of dangerous to your hamster because your little hamster could trap his legs in the rungs just causing the injury to your pet. In pet online store you will get plenty of collections and pick the best one for your hamster.

Do Bearded Dragons Need Substrate?

What is a substrate and do bearded dragons need a substrate?

The answer to this particular question is very simple, Yes! At most time, Bearded dragons do need substrate for a healthy living. So, what exactly is a substrate? A substrate can be referred to any covering or layer on the floor of the enclosure that your bearded dragon is kept into. And depending on certain preferences, there are several different kinds of substrates available for bearded dragons’ enclosures.

Though the topic about what can be the best substrate for a bearded dragon has been highly debatable for a long time. The people belonging to the bearded dragon community often use different substances as a substrate to see which one suits the dragon the best. But choosing the right substrate is quite complicated, there are several factors that you need to look into before choosing a proper substrate for your dragon. Some factors can be, the age of the bearded dragon or the time taken to clean the particular substrate. These factors might sound unimportant but when you look at things, in the long run, you will see the results.

What can be the best bedding substrate for bearded dragons?

Do Bearded Dragons Need Substrate?

There are numerous bedding options available all across the market for bedding purposes into a bearded dragon’s enclosure, but when you are to choose the best among them, you might have to do a lot of thinking, but worry not, here is a list of the three best bedding for bearded dragons that you can buy from any regular pet shops.

Sand, Grains, and Pebbles.

When you spot a bearded dragon in their natural environment, you may easily notice that they spend almost their entire life running across areas that are filled with sands, minute grains, and pebbles. And this is one of the sole reasons why many bearded dragon owners feel that sand is one of the best substrates for a bearded dragon’s enclosure.

But putting a layer of sand or grains have their risks. These types of bedding might increase the risk of gut impaction. You might know what a gut impaction is? If not, then a gut impaction happens when the reptile swallows sands or grain particles which blocks their intestinal tract and if this isn’t treated immediately, it leads to the reptile’s death.

Another alternative to reduce the chances of gut impaction is by using pebbles and gravel instead of sand. These particles are often referred to as the best bedding for bearded dragons enclosure. And this is the reason why most pet stores advise pebbles and gravel instead of sand particles. But still, there is a risk of the reptile swallowing a piece of a small pebble, look out for such instances and take proper steps when something like that happens.

One can also use other alternatives of sands, such as non-silica sands which are fit for adult bearded dragons. Or there are also sands enriched with calcium, these are called Vita Sands and do not cause any gut impaction since the calcium gets metabolized inside the gut and wouldn’t cause any harm to the reptile.

Reptile Carpets or Cage Liners.

Do Bearded Dragons Need Substrate?

If you are a good spender and budget isn’t an issue when buying things for a bearded dragon’s enclosure, then reptile carpets are something that you should look for. these carpets are also called cage liners as they prove to be one of the best bedding for bearded dragons.

So, what exactly is a Reptile Carpet? In general terms, a reptile carpet can be referred to any type of layer or bed made from synthetic materials to replicate the environment deems fit for reptiles. The environments can consist of either grass or sands depending on the requirements.

How are these Reptile Carpets set up? Setting up the Reptile Carpets is very easy. You simply have to lay it across the enclosure like a normal carpet and cover the bottom of the enclosure area completely.

Risks of using a Reptile Carpet – there are not many risks associated with using reptile carpets, especially no gut impaction or death, but sometimes the bearded dragon’s claw might get caught inside one of the liners and form a snag. There is a chance that the claw might rip off, and due to this, it is always advised to use a carpet that has tight weaves into it.

Recycled Papers, Newspapers and Paper beds.

Do Bearded Dragons Need Substrate?

When you look for other cheap options instead of sands, pebbles or gravel, old newspapers might do the charm here. Using old newspapers, scraps or other papers sometimes becomes a suitable substrate that you can set inside the bearded dragon’s enclosure.

Newspapers are very easy to maintain and can be found almost everywhere around your house. If you think you can spare the appearance that a cage liner or sand provides, then this becomes one of the best bedding for bearded dragons. Also, there aren’t any risks involving papers, you can be completely free from any worry regarding gut infection or claw ripping off due to snags.

If you consult the pet stores about it, many sell recycled papers and many other types of papers that can be easily put into the bottom of the enclosure and would also fix some of the appearance issues. Though papers are subjected to retain humidity and might get spoiled if it catches any moisture, various papers come with water-repelling property to solve such a problem.

Final thoughts:

Always take a note that whenever you are buying a substrate for your bearded dragon, it will be subjected to wear and tear and also disassembly due to continuous usage. And in such cases, you should either change it or set the bed up properly again. Doing this regularly will keep your reptilian pet away from any risks. Also, cleaning and regular maintenance are two of the things that are recommended to perform at least once a week. The next thing that you must check is the reptile’s health staying inside a certain substrate, checking it regularly will keep the reptile comfortable and also away from any health risks.

How Often Should a Guinea Pig Cage Be Cleaned?

How Often Should a Guinea Pig Cage Be Cleaned?

Many of the pet lovers wish to grow a guinea pig in their home because of their cute nature. These guinea pigs are also known as Cavia Porcellus. One should give special caring and attention to guinea pigs because they are the most sensitive rodents. You must have a great privilege that includes the commitment and the contribution of your own time and effort. When you own a guinea pig, you are not only responsible to feed it but also you are even much and more responsible to pay the positive attention towards them. You must make sure that they live in the most hygienic place and in cleaner ambiance. Guinea pigs tend to be more comfortable being in a neat and clean place. As the guinea pig owner, you should be more careful in choosing the right place for their survival.

Regular Cleaning Sessions

No matter whatever happens and how much you are busy, make sure that you clean the guinea pig’s enclosure at least once in a week. Guinea pigs possess the characteristic feature of being highly socialistic, so many of the pet owners tend to keep all of them in the same cage. If you do so, then you have to clean the cage more often and keep it neat and tidy. One of the main characteristic features that the guinea pig has held is tidiness. We can also state that these creatures are innately tidy ones and they are prone to be frustrated and to be stressed out once they find themselves holding in the centre of the grubby and dirty surroundings. You can keep your pet happy and relaxed, if you clean their cage regularly and also avoid being lazy.

Thorough Cleaning Process

How Often Should a Guinea Pig Cage Be Cleaned?

When you wash your guinea pigs’ enclosure, you can use hot water that is mixed in with biodegradable cleanser or soap. You can also use a mild disinfectant of one portion of white vinegar and three portion H20. You should not keep your guinea pigs in the cage when you clean. Before cleaning, put them in a protected temporary environment, like a transport carrier, with sufficient ventilation. Gently wash the cage with the water mixture. Clean everything properly right from the ground portion of the cage to the wire portion. When you are done completely, you should carefully clean the whole cage. Then tap it downwards so it is not damp anymore. You should not allow your guinea pigs when the enclosure is in a wet condition or even in the slight moist conditions.

Maintaining Cage on a daily basis

An extensive amount of good cleaning of cage weekly is important for guinea pigs’ health, and everyday subsistence. If your guinea pig’s bedding portion is dirty with any hints of urine or feces matter, you should take it out and buy a new brand bedding instantly. Additionally, clean all of your guinea pig’s food containers every day. Clean their meal dishes including water bottles by using lukewarm water mixed with biodegradable soap.

Unpleasant odors

If you do not want to make your guinea pigs agitated and fatigued, then you should take them out of their enclosures daily for general cleaning parts, you need to make sure that they are nevermore in dirty ambiance. If a foul odor arises from your guinea pig’s cage, then it would be probably a warning that a cleansing session is delayed. You should refresh their bedding regularly in order to prevent bad odors.

Cleaning measures

How Often Should a Guinea Pig Cage Be Cleaned?

Do not simply use anything to cleanse your guinea pigs’ enclosure. Several general household products could really be dangerous to guinea pigs. Avoid using any kind of products that contain phenolics in it because these mixtures are toxic to guinea pigs and therefore you should not use to clean the enclosure using those substances at any cause. You should also avoid using any products that consist of aggressive chemicals. It is also better to consult a veterinarian regarding the substance to be used to clean your guinea pigs’ enclosure. You can also visit the most useful website, Happyhomepets.com to clear all your doubts about any kinds of pet animals that you possess. The experts will provide you with tips and guidance when it comes to the terms of pets.

Family Choice Award

The Hidden Harness by Central Park Pups

The Hidden Harness is a dog coat with a built in adjustable step-in harness- both stylish and safe for your pup. No need for a separate harness, collar, and coat, this 3-in-1 combo item makes it easier for owners to outfit their dog in ONE EASY STEP. The Hidden Harness is so quick to put on that you and your pup are ready for a walk and out the door in seconds! The Hidden Harness was designed with safety in mind, with some styles using the latest Nano-Technology allowing the product to be Liquid Resistant, Mosquito Repellant, Anti-Microbial, and UV-Protective. The safe and secure built in harness has a reflective trim for greater visibility, an additional D-Ring for ID tag placement, and causes no neck strain to your precious pup! The Hidden Harness also comes with a matching cushion grip leash for extra comfort and a detachable pooch pouch, an ID window and pouch perfect for treats, poop bags, money, and keys, anything you need on the go! Easy, safe, stylish, and quick to put on, The Hidden Harness is everything your pup needs for a strut around the park. The Hidden Harness by Central Park Pups, Where Safety is Built in to the Style!

Bark & Swagger

Ingenuity & Resourcefulness Abound at the FIT Dog Fashion Show

Your ticket to the best of the FIT Dog Fashion Show

Vegan fashion, eco fashion, pop culture meets couture…it was all represented beautifully at the sixth annual FIT Dog Fashion Show. Celebrating socially responsible and sustainable canine apparel and accessories, the event – entitled BARK Smart – showcased the work of student and alumni designers from the FIT Center for Professional Studies’ Pet Product Design and Marketing certificate program. That’s a mouthful, yes! However, it’s the only program of its kind in the world, and it’s at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. So, the bar is set high, and I was anticipating discovering developing design stars. I wasn’t disappointed. Ingenuity and resourcefulness were in full display, and those developing design stars…well, take a look.

New York Fashion Week Meets Project Runway

For many of these fledgling designers, official recognition from this show is akin to placing at the Olympics because of the cache FIT wields. The program facilitator is Kris Lynch, who helped tutor me when I started my Couture by Sophie design brand. As a working member of the pet industry for years, she knows her stuff. The show was judged by pet fashion designer extraordinaire Ada Nieves, who was the first to graduate from the FIT Pet Product Design and Marketing program; celebrity stylist, tv personality and AIM Model Management owner/director, Nole Marin and Gala Darling, a jewelry designer and the founder of Blogcademy.

The three designers who were honored with a bronze, silver or gold placement, best exemplified socially responsible and sustainable fashion.  “We selected products that embody the theme of being a smart owner and consumer when it comes to one’s pet and investing in products – food, care, toys, accessories, habitat, and apparel that stress health, nutrition, protection, safety, and comfort and positively affect the environment,” said Joan Volpe, managing coordinator of the FIT Center for Professional Studies. “These translate into organic fabrications and ingredients, breathable synthetics, and cut and fit that take animal anatomy into consideration and result in items that are comfortable and natural for an animal to wear.”

So without further adieu, here are the three winning designers:

Left to right: Karine Ng, ShinJeo Park & Nicole Wilson

The Gold Standard

South Korean designer, ShinJeo Park, took the top honor. For me, she is definitely someone to watch. I loved her designs, especially a Marilyn Monroe nod to pop culture, shown below, called Mainly Monroe. This jacket, made from cream-colored heavier weight canvas, was emblazoned with a photo-printed fabric of Marilyn Monroe, framed in black  felt-like fabric with a lacey pattern. It was definitely a statement piece, and the fit was superb. ShinJeo’s inspiration is how much we Americans love our dogs, and how they relate to one another. She finds the way dogs interact with one another intriguing, especially male and female dogs, and wanted to make a statement  about that interaction being sexy. Marilyn Monroe was the perfect fit.

ShinJeo already had a successful career in luxury marketing and graphic design in South Korea. She moved to New York at 40 to pursue her passion for fashion accessory design. She’s currently working as a hat designer and is also making pet clothing. Her designs are informed by the modern lines of city life juxtaposed with abstract and softened lines derived from nature. With ShinJeo’s eye for shape, graphics and overall design, if she sets her sights on dog apparel full time…watch out! [email protected]

Shinjeo Park’s Marilyn Monroe design

Stellar Silver

Nicole Wilson is a really interesting designer. She’s still an FIT student, so her design company isn’t fully launched yet. But I love how she’s explored the use of vegan and eco-friendly materials, creating practical designs with flair. She called her collection Retro Rebirth, drawing inspiration from vintage menswear and incorporating lots of texture, with a neutral color palette. Her Phoenix bomber jacket, modeled by Nicole’s Alaskan Klee Kai, Dakota, was adorable, mixing white, organic cotton twill with self-quilted cotton chambray sleeves. The faux pockets were made from black cork leather, actual bonded cork fused to fabric. She also used ultrasuede, made from 100% plastic, in her pieces.  Dakota wore a canvas and cork leather collar and matching leash with this outfit on the runway.

Nicole hails from Toronto. She pursued her dream of attending FIT, graduating with a BFA in Intimate Apparel. In the summer of 2012, Wilson adopted Dakota and began designing for him, so she enrolled in the FIT pet design program. Her goal is to create fashions that are sophisticated and well-suited to the city dog. I think she’s well on her way! [email protected]

Dakota in the Phoenix Bomber Jacket

Bright Bronze

Karine Ng, of Central Park Pups, is a problem-solver for pet parents and she does it with style. Her jackets have a harness built right in, so getting your pup ready for a walk is a one-two-skidoo. She uses interesting materials like her safety features – reflective trims for easy to spot Spot, and nano technology, which makes her fleece garments liquid resistant and anti-microbial. Pretty cool. Her motto is “Where safety is built into the style,” and it is.

It was her love of her Shih Tzu, Chewie, that inspired her to create dog clothes. With an already successful career in retail, real estate and marketing, Karine had the tools to take her passion to the next level. The classic architecture and contemporary fashion of New York City serves as her inspiration. www.centralparkpups.com. Here’s a pic of her preppy camel toggle coat, with harness attached.

Karine Ng, with her pup, Chewie in the camel toggle coat with harness attached

Cat Wisdom 101 Review

From Cat Wisdom 101

More cats are being leash-trained as a safer option to exploring the outdoors but they require a safe harness. At a recent pet product event in New York, I discovered the perfect solution for walking dogs or cats from Central Park Pups. The young, New York-based company is a labor of love by owner Karine who has designed The Hidden Harness an all-in-one coat, harness and collar with moisture repellent fleece and built-in nano tech features like UV protection, anti-microbial and mosquito repellent.

When I leash trained Odin, I could never find a harness he couldn’t wriggle out of like Houdini. Cords and leads would tangle making it a headache getting him in and out. The Hidden Harness is a step-in harness with an easy to adjust Velcro closure resulting in no neck strain. I got Odin into the harness and out the door in 10 seconds. Beautifully crafted, strong, comfortable and attractive, the Hidden Harness is genius!

Taking your cat or dog for a walk will be a walk in the park. Dogs are used to enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of nature but cats love sniffing bushes, rolling in leaves, digging and scratching too! Odin rarely uses a scratching post because he prefers nature’s own, a tree.

The matching leash (sold separately) is super strong, the cushioned handle is comfortable to hold. The cute “pooch pouch” holds ID, keys, treats, money and poop bag means you can be hands-free for your walk. Visit Central Park Pups for up close details, sizing chart and video. The medium fit Odin but he has a very, long torso.